So I a friend of mine convinced me to swap to Younique!! BAD IDEA!

First I spent $236 to get one of their kits. The next day the "new presenter kit" became available. So I signed up, prior to even receiving my original order! Got the first kit, it was missing 2 products.

When the presenter kit arrived ALL the sample tubes of their NEW skin care line were COMPLETELY EMPTY as well as it also not having what was advertised to be in the kit. I contacted customer support via email and online chat. RUDE RUDE RUDE! I submitted photos of both kits!

What they don't tell you is yes you can get a refund, however their $15.00 (shipping) charge is not included and you have to pay to ship the product back to them! So I am now out of about $50 bucks for already VERY OVERPRICED ITEMS! However they have not only lost my business but any and everyone I explain what has happened to! INCLUDING THE PRESENTER WHO SOLD ME THE KIT!


She WAS at YELLOW and could have went to black. She said she could not support any company that is more worried about money than ANY OR THEIR EMPLOYEES OR CUSTOMERS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Makeup Set.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Younique Cons: Defective products, Products was not in kit advertised.

Location: Bruno, West Virginia

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Thank you i ordered a kit and I am not impressed with the makeup at all. I am very disappointed! I was hoping to start my business but the makeup is so expensive.


And the items could've been on backorder… They always put a notice in it… When you have a company that has presenter kits with part of them on backorder… That's a bad *** company, so many people joining that they're running out of stuff. But they always make good on their back orders, returns, exchanges.

Just so you know, younique has over 800,000 presenters… I started in February 2017, I'm now Elite Orange. Don't hate on a company because your hustle wasn't up to par.

They give you excellent product, if you didn't do anything with it that's on you. #Truth #Uplift #Validate #Empower.


Please..this company has u brainwashed so bad


Please..this company has you so brainwashed.Validate and empower what??A crock of bullshit?Thats all your pushing in the sales lady buggy


I'm sorry you're having a bad experience, and would love to help resolve it for you. I would need more details, though.

You say you bought a $236 kit, were you referring to one of the collections? If so can I have more information about your experience with those products?

Also we can discuss getting you proper samples of the skin care line if you would like Please reach out to me for more information. I'm on facebook (Danielle Vales) or my younique site (https://www.youniqueproducts.com/Mixitmakeup/presenter/contactme)


I love how people have the balls to actually try and sell them the same stuff that they are complaining about, and are saying they want nothing do with anymore.

Like get the hint, we don't want anything to do with your pyramid scheme and junk products anymore!


So how long did it take you to read from your little skit??All your company does is lie..lie..lie..then they LIE again.These *** girls pretending they”own”a business when they can’t even pay to keep their lights on with what this scam company pays..which is peanuts.The products are so toxic and *** poor quality,and all of it comes from China.


Reading these reviews have warded me off of making by the sounds of it - a big mistake! Thank you.


This is ridiculous. Yellow status is brand new.

She could have sent a message to customer support. And they would have sent her new. They don't ask for it back. And a kit is $99.

Get your facts straight.

And because one ignorant persons says they were about the money, that doesn't mean everyone who sells is. One cannot speak for 100,000's!


It looks like she had her facts straight as far as what she spent. If you'll read her post again, you will see she bought a "kit" (collection) for $236, then she signed up as a presenter the next day.

Not everyone knows they're called Collections. It's ok that she said kit. I'm not agreeing with the way she or her sponsor handled the situation at all. And I don't agree that she spent $50 on shipping (free on the collection and $5.50 on the kit at most).

Don't be the grammar police and tell someone what they did or didn't spend, and calling names is childish. You're behind a keyboard.

You're not Jesus, and you don't know it all. I sure hope you don't represent Younique.


Please..this company has you so brainwashed


$236 for one of their kits? And you're in West Virginia??

The kit in the US is $99 + Tax & Shipping so I don't know how they totaled that to anywhere near $200. Or were you trying to say that you bought 2 kits and mistakenly typed one? I do know that in the literature discussing the "Love it Guarantee" it is explained that you can receive a full refund, minus the cost of shipping, if you return it within 14 days so as far as that part goes, either you missed it or your sponsor didn't provide that info to you directly. Their website has a lot of sections, so it's easy to miss if you aren't specifically checking their return policy before purchasing product, in the event you would need it.

It sucks that you had an unfortunate experience, but there's at least one person who has a complaint for every single company in existence. There's always that one customer service rep, that one cashier, that one manager and that one customer no matter where you go. So if all the people that complained about Walmart, Target, a gas station, a doctor's office, salon, a masseuse, a restaurant, etc haven't kept you from not shopping at any of those establishments, it would be a stretch to think your story would really turn everyone off. Did your presenter go to her upline for assistance?

Yellow is still an entry rank. Which is the reason you have leaders. They have more experience than you. Utilize them!

You brush your hands together, give up, complain to the internet but yet you are they one that gave up. Your presenter completed one step and then did the same. Are there employees who ruin reputations in every company? Of course.

Bag egg as an employee, just as we have bad eggs in society. Unavoidable.


I think she was trying to say that she bought a collection first and then bought the presenter kit the very next day.


How did it cost you so much when the kits are only 99.00 and if you have an issue you can send things back. Seriously


Read! She bought a COLLECTION first, then signed up as a presenter the next day!

She called the collection a kit. If you know anything at all about Younique, you should know this happens!


I'm curious how it cost you over $200! The kit is $99.

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