I LOVE the new make-up but so deceiving!! The bottle is mostly glass, very little make-up.

After a few weeks I can no longer use the eye dropper and can hardly shake any out. I ordered the make-up in the case prior and same thing happened, was out in no time at all. Also my color is on back order and would be months until I could get new.

Sorry Younique but this is 2x now and I refuse to order again no matter how well the product covers there is just not enough for the amount of money!!! I will search the dept store to find something comparable!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Orient, Ohio

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When I first tired the liquid foundation - i thought is was great, but right about it not lasting very long. Then this next time I ordered after the company being out of foundation FOREVER - it was not the same at all.

It provides no coverage now, feels different, will not stay on at all and i believe there is now even less makeup in the bottle. Will not be buying again.


Thats awful! I've been using the liquid foundation for several months now...

same bottle! I wonder if they didn't tell you how to properly apply it? I use a brush and just 5 or so drops of the foundation to cover my entire face and neck. Also, it has to be shaken before using.

I do this and it is lasting me a really long time. In fact, that's why I tried it... trying to save a little money.

It has saved me money, but I've also fallen in love with the product. It's blown my old Estee Lauder foundation out of the water!!!


everyone knows how to apply foundation Jesus Christ.


Wow I can relate to your aggregation here. What other make up lines have you tried?

Maybe I can help you. I know your looking for quality and cutting edge product.

We all want to look good. Send me message ledkippah@aol.com


I personally love Clinique, much cheaper than Younique any day. I buy the CC cream, it's under $40 and it lasts me several months.

I wear it everyday to work.

A little goes a long way. I like their other makeup too.


The amount of product in the bottle is printed right on the bottle. MANY products are more packaging than product.

You get the amount that the company claims that you get. I don't understand why you would complain when you got what you paid for.


That's so Raven.


Cant blame you for being disappointed! I, too, have been disappointed in delivery/condition of some products.

Some I kept anyway, others were promptly replaced without being returned.

so I guess it's just what's available. I do love the products, tho!

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