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When i first joined Y about 3 years ago i was in love with the mascara as so was a lot of people. The problem was when the changed the formula it was awful.

I kept trying to make it work but couldnt. I left shortly after that then rejoined when the 3rd formula came out. Ive now left again. Its taken me a long time to leave as i have spent about £2000 over the years on products and investing in this business trying to make it work.

Over the years i have sold three items via my website and the rest i have had to sell at seriously heavily discounted prices to shift it and even then people didnt really want it friends just bought out of pity. What really upset me was after all i spent there was a few months i couldnt afford to buy stuff to keep my account active so i got suspened and lost my yellow status which i had essentially bought myself lol. I know i must sound crazy and looking back i must have being. The brain washing into believe you just need to stick at it is incredible.

The quality of the products are getting worse and worse. The market is saturated with struggling presenters. New products always on back order ( who wants to pay money then wait 3 months!) Ive being incredibly *** and a hard lesson has being learnt. Oh and Y isnt cruelty free.

The finished product may not be tested on animals but Y havent researched if the ingredients have being. I asked them and they said to get PETA approved would limit the amount of different products they can produce in a year or something like that.

The Younique foumdation money does not come from orders you have to donate seperatly on your order also. Im not impressed at all!

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Mascara.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hello, I am really hoping you see this comment a year on. I am so sorry you have had such a bad time and hope you are doing ok now.

I hope you don’t mind me messaging out of the blue with a slightly unusual query. I work for a media organisation based in England and we are currently doing some research about the network marketing industry in the UK for a piece. I came across your message and wondered if you’d be willing to have a brief chat with me? This is for background research at this stage and in confidence.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I really hope to hear from you Thanks so much, Jen jen.sarah@protonmail.com

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