I started using the Liquid touch when it first came out. Bought 1 bottle.

I got almost 3 months use out of the Taffeta and then went to purchase again. SOLD OUT for months! When I finally got some I tried Satin, a darker color. Coverage was good but the bottle didn't last 3 months and I wasn't using it every day.

I shook the bottle daily and only used 5 drops. Was getting decent covered. But this is the color I use in the summer. Back to Taffeta.

the bottle lasted 30 days! There is supposed to be 500 drops in a bottle. At least 3 months of product when used every day. Nope.

Plus coverage was very poor. Seems to smear off as well. Did dry to a matte finish but I needed to use powder to cover the spots that didn't have good coverage. Contacted the presenter I got it from.

She got me a free bottle. SAME THING HAPPENED! 30 days and I couldn't get more out of the bottle. I would have had to be using 15 drops every time to go through a bottle in a month!

Lots of presenters are leaving this company...and I am following my presenter to that company. At least with that foundation you can tell you are about to run out! Don't waste your money on Younique. Better quality elsewhere.

AND AGAIN they have changed the formula for the 3D mascara. getting cheaper and cheaper!

don't like flakes in my eyes. Bye bye!

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Touch Mineral Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $36.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Totally agree with you! I loved my first bottle of foundation.

It was on backorder for a million years and then when it was back in stock I ordered a new bottle. It was waterier with less coverage. I had both bottles with me to compare. A different product completely.

I also loved their original mascara. The new one was ***. I told my friend/presenter I thought the new formula was bad, and she kept defending it and saying I wasn't using it right and I was the only complaint she heard about it. Then last week, this same friend posts - "Exciting news!

The mascara has been completely reformulated. What a great company to listen to us and make improvements." WTH?? This company is getting desperate. Going cheap on their products.

Expanding to a million foreign countries so they get new presenters to pay for starter kits, and new customers who haven't tried and quit the brand yet. I've completely bailed and am sticking to stuff I can try at Sephora first.


Preach! I think the foundation is completely overpriced much likr every single other thing, but to see a presenter trying to cover sharpie with the foundation of which her face actually turns green as it clearly doesnt work is quite the pisstake as photo show a different outlook on what it does. Honestly if you want lasting and good foundation get milani conceal and perfect, i swear by it and its a third of the price, one pump and a beauty blender or other sponge will be enough and it lasts forever

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