I ordered to help my DIL. The Mineral liquid foundation is so thin it is like water.

Does not cover as advertised. I have to put a lot of product on to cover anything. There is a 1/2 inch ring of think makeup coating the inside top of the bottle and no amount of shaking mixes it. The mascara after a month is so think and clumpy there is no way you can use it.

Total waste of money.

Will never buy anything again. I believe the foundation was either old when it got here or it had been frozen and the product was broken down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Mascara.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Waynesboro, Virginia

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Also, was the pipette emptied when it was shaken. It is really sensitive, and the squeezer is knocked, it can draw more in, so needs to be checked a couple of times sometimes.

And when they say shaken, it really means A LOT of shaking to mixing :)


Younique Products are natural, so need to be cared for. The mascara needs to be heated in hot water to revive it as the ingredients are natural, and has less added chemicals.

Also, the foundation is better coupled with the face & eye primer, and is also not the best of the range for dry skin.

I hope this helped. These are 2 of the best selling products, and it sounds as if you weren't given care information.


You should try to get any response from this company and you would know why people just post to warn others. I don't have hours and hours to devote to trying to make them respond.

I'm starting to believe all of the comebacks posted here to customer complaints is a division of the company who's job it is to rebuff anything negative that is posted. If you're happy with the product and service why are you on this page and reading complaints?


Your post doesn't make a lot of sense, actually. If it is "thin like water" - why is there a "1/2 inch ring of [thick] makeup" around the inside rim?

If there is a chance the product is defective, why post a complaint on here -- why not contact the representative or company and ask for a replacement?

This just seems very petty.


Because even the replacement has the same exact issue. The problem is with the product, not with the customer.


I have the EXACT same problem with mine, too thin/liquidy, with a ring up top that won't mix in...


I was a Presenter for 7 months and had the same problems. In addition this foundation gave me a horrible reaction. I know as a presenter, there are script responses to people's objections.

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