Your company motto us to empower...Chrystal Collins cant empower women by cussing her viewers...smoking on live and refusing to show samples of makeup being applied on her face. Its not a good look for Younique

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Limelife reps, excuse me “Beauty Guides” and Monat (head balding) reps are the same. Don’t know WHY people contribute to these disasters.


Cmc is a disgusting vile woman who begs cheats lies and steals her way in life! She has a nasty attitude, nasty house and nasty mouth!

She has sold her *** pics online and does her Y makeup videos while high! She promises to send out "thank you" gifts if ppl order but no one ever gets anything....go figure....YOUNIQUE better wake up!!!!


Y’all are jealous. Younique pay no mind to these negative comments they are Facebook trolls.


You're blind as a bat following her


Chrystal we are not trolls. We are all telling the truth.

Younique has proof of all this. People have sent Younique your disgusting videos and SS of private messages.


Chrystal, we are not trolls, we are just telling the truth about you and hopefully younique will open their eyes up and see the truth for themselves. You take advantage of people for your own personal gain.

Every time you think your going to get in trouble or you’re caught up in one of your scams, you holler out fake profiles, trying to keep your self out of trouble.

But how is it a fake profile when you click on your comment and it takes them straight to your profile page or your CMC page. I would highly suggest to research Chrystal Collins before considering purchasing are having any doings at all with this person.


Can you please clarify what people are suppose to be jealous of? I searched her name and came across her page, and interesting info and videos on a page.

There was a very disturbing video mentioning suicide. Real classy. There is absolutely nothing appealing or empowering or uplifting about her. She should be embarrassed on how she conducts herself in general.

*** I am embarrassed for her. Younique needs to open their eyes.


Chrystal Collins bullied a fellow Presenter last evening into tears, encouraging people to block her on Facebook. Chrystal has said in the past that Younique products are horrible and over priced.

She is no uplifting and empowering.... she is vulgar and a bully.

You’re going to loose a lot of costumers, including myself. It is also against your policy to allow a sponsor to purchase a kit for their downline, but Chrystal ana her sponsor have admitted her kit was purchased by her sponsor Amanda.


Whats her VIP name on Facebook?




Who is her upline? Every time she’s asked she won’t answer and says it’s online to find out. She’s crazy!


Amanda Blair

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