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I became a younique representative and the only things that I have sold a stuff to myself none of my people that I have in my group will buy it they say it's too expensive or they're just not interested everybody else that I have talk to all of a sudden they're going past me making it two different steps and they've only been in the program for 6 weeks what's up with that I've been doing this stuff for trying to sell my younique products 4 5 months I'm the only person that I've sold to his myself I'm pissed because I'm not making any money if I do make any money I'm going to be making it off of myself and I can't even get out of my first steps you know it's wrong they tell you oh they feel your head full of b******* and say you can make all this money I've watched the videos I will not join their Zoom conferences I'm sick and tired of everybody saying how they're doing all of this when I know people that have money that are really interested in this and that they want to order and then they go and they Google it and they find these bad reviews I can't sell nothing I lost money buying the packet to become a representative for younique and younique hasn't done nothing for me but take my money and not give me the credits that I should be getting because I've ordered quite a bit of stuff just for myself I'm hurt I'm on a fixed income and there's no way that I can make up that money that I lost and then when I try to use my why the can I buy a y money to try to get stuff it won't let me order it I think I was scammed big time I took on this because it was supposed to help people in abusive relationships or had that have been abused sexually molested and all that other good stuff because I've been there and I've done that and it's not doing nothing for me but putting me in the hole

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I'm agreeing with you..... I took this on myself....

The cost to others they can't afford... I've bought most myself and received nothing.....

In short I find this the biggest scam in makeup ever..

There is no support they keep saying try this that and other.

Sadly there is less than 100 complaints about this company that holds...

There are 1000 that buy... We fall to blind eyes and ears..


They know how to brainwash you to think you will be making millions. Believe me the presenters are the ones buying mainly and getting their downline to buy more so they get the compensation.

It's a joke. They always run out of product not because it's a hot item it's because they never make enough. Don't let them fool you. I left at pink status because I saw how they were running it..

not good. It's such a "sisterhood" that when you needed help with parties, vendor shows, upline didn't want to help only see the commission they were getting.

I lost sooooo much $ and wasted sooooo much time posting pics, videos... you are better off sticking to a real 40 hour job because you really aren't making any $


It is truly hard to take any of this information seriously when there is zero grammar used. This is, by far, the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen.

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