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I have bought this product and it is great. The ones one here saying bad things are most likely sales rep.

from other companies that just don't want you to buy Younique because they know the products is completely perfect. I recommend for everyone to not knock it until you buy it yourself. never judge a book by its cover. Go look, shop, and enjoy true products that even the famous people use.

Don't take m word for it just go buy one small item and try it yourself, I bet you will love it.

I have not broken out not once, when I bought from Walmart, target, family dollar I broke out the next day. so I say try it for yourself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Just because some famous people use it doesn't make it a good product. Whenever a celebrity starts saying how great something is, that is a red flag. If it was so good, why need some over paid celebrity to tout its virtues.Those are the products I don't buy.


It's weird to say bad reviews are from other companies. Makes me think you are from younique trying to defend it.

I googled before buying. other sites have people with bad expeirnces with them too.

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