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Younique not only refused to apologize for the outrageous behavior of their sales rep., they sent more belligerent emails to me. I finally had a law firm draw up a "cease and desist" letter to the sales rep and the company.

I hope I will be able to attach a pdf document to this complaint. Please feel free to publish the letter (if I can upload it)

Original review posted by user May 30, 2018

she also can not sell does not understand grammar or the products she is selling:


I said 1/2 off a product and I actually used my money I worked hard for to earn that 1/2 off coupon to pamper you!! How dare you talk to me the way you are!!!! On what *** planet are you from? Cuz the last time I checked you came from the most ungrateful,dispitful, rude human being I have ever come across!! I’m a grown *** women who knows how to do basic life *** and you seem to not even understand how to talk to people. If you didn’t want it why didn’t you tell me no thank you Brittany from the beginning!!! I can’t believe you change it around to make it seem like a problem when it was simply a nice gesture!!! You want to make this into a family issue over $74 and you said you loved talking and texting but then you create this problem!! But I don’t need to go running to my dad! I can handle my own *** because I’m a grown as women!!! You didn’t care about our relationship in the first place to turn it into this!! Wow!! You blow my mind!! That’s a chicken *** thing to do over $74 that’s easy to get your money back! I would help you with your return but with someone who acts like this can kiss my white ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: fire Sales rep and pay me for my time and distress..

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What town is this rep from?

Carolyn C

Gridley, I think, in Yuba County CA,

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