Why is it they pump up a new product and come launch date it us almost always on backorder? My customers dont want to hear, just pay and it will ahip when it becomes available!

Yet if I mention this logistical nightmare I am told to quit being negative! I am a grown adult with an investment and a business to run!! I was under the understanding the merger with cody was supposed to help with this issue? All I have seen since the merger is a quality decline to drugstore cosmetics at a department store price!

Truth hurts, but Derek and Melanie are fine. My upline is so catty and cutthroat they just tell everyone in the group to unfriend you, then steal your downline!! Empowering and validating women?? Total bs.

And nobody wants to speak the truth, theyd rather blow sunshine up everones behinds!! Its disgusting and almostvas exploitive as female trafficking!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Dude.. get out of the MLM business.


Scentsy is not the way to go. Get a real job.


I Soooo agree! This is why I went to Scentsy!

I have not experienced this terrible cattiness and nastiness from consultants that I did with Younique!!

It is disgusting and you are right, you can't complain or you are jumped on. And after they recognized someone as the essence of Younique that is one of the cattiest and nastiest of all, I lost complete respect for them.

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