I bought the fiber mascara about 2 years ago. Stopped using after a few times because it irritated my left eye.

My left eye would hurt every now and then over the years. I went for an eye exam and told doctor about the on and off pain and irritation. He pick a few fiber off my eye that were surrounded with puss. He gave me an eye antibiotic to use.

I used it but my eye got worse.

I went in this last Friday he removed two more from my inside upper lid. Now I'm on my second antibiotic and vision is still blurred.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Mascara.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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There is now a Class Action lawsuit about the 3D mascara.


I am having the same problem I got fibres in my eye after using this same mascara, by the next day my eyeball was totally red and almost swollen shut. After using two different lots of eye drops and 3 weeks later my eye is a lot better but still a lot smaller than my other eye, I have now been told I need to see an eye doctor.

My eye still feels a bit scratchy and gritty at times. I would never touch this stuff again.


This happened to me. One morning I woke up and was completely blind.

After many tests and months of pain... I found out that this stupid mascara caused a fusarium fungal infection.

Tho the fungi is taken care of... I have caused damage to my vision for the rest of my life!


Every two months this mascara has caused infections... walking up with stringy goop.

I thought it was only younique. I loved the look it produces in your finished eye makeup.... however I tried another fiber mascara, Revlon , the newest pink handle volume booster..

And it did the same exact thing Around the two month point... so maybe I just had developed extra sensitivity to the fibers or something


I️ having problems with my eyes i was a selling this product but couldn’t recommend got to two eye doctor cuz of eye infection and it’s red swollen and painful!


Same issue with 3D was told to stop using it.... Eye issues every time as the fibers fell off into eyes..

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