I was a presenter for over a year . The old formula 3D was a good build able product but when it was replaced with inferior rubbish , I baled out - I couldn't in all honesty sell rubbish to friends .

The " refreshed roswater" is just rose water which can be bought for a couple of pounds . The eye pigments have very little pigment , the BB cream has NO SPF factor ( which is THE whole point of a BB cream ) the lip stains are cheap and nasty , the mineral concealer is just a mass of clumpy powder .The serum could easily be substituted for a bottle of vitamin C oil but who wears oil around their eyes anyway !!!??

The cream to powder foundation had poor coverage and lasted about 2 weeks .The lip glosses were gloopy and looked cheap on the lips, not finished like a proper lipstick . I could give you high end alternatives for all these products which would be more effective and CHEAPER !

OK - so what did I like ?

The brushes - are excellent quality but I think they are a dupe of Sigma brushes as they are virtually identical.

Its six months since I allowed my account to go dormant and I sold almost 3K worth of stuff - I have yet to be paid. Why an American based company want my driving licence number, my passport number AND my NI number before they will give me my £200 owed is anybody's guess - but it worries me . Don't *** , its cheap *** dressed up as good skincare/ makeup - oh, and its made in China !

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Lipstick.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Leeds, Leeds

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The previous comment is a lie. I am not a presenter.

I just Googled younique made in china because I saw people spreading lies about this. I recently began purchasing their products, and they are NOT made in China. My eyeshadow is made in Italy, eyeliner in Germany, many other eye products in the USA, etc. Nothing is made in China.

If this person was a presenter, or had ever worn Younique, surely they could read the box and tell where the product was made. The only Younique that is made in China is KNOCKOFF Younique sold on ebay and Amazon!

I have used every high-end makeup under the sun, and I can confidently tell you that I didn't expect to like this brand, but I LOVE it! That's a true, honest opinion.


It is NOT made in china...... some pigments in Italy and Germany but nearly everything is usa made


Please see my review. I got screwed as a customer and now, I'm going after them as I'm starting a class action lawsuit.

Any inside info like the presenters only website, the emails they send telling you what goals to do everyday would be helpful..... anything proving they are a scam company....

this way, people ca join the lawsuit and I will be suing for millions!! This way, everyone in the lawsuit will get what younique owes them ect....


you should really find something more productive to do with your time. Put that energy towards some sort of self-improvement or employment and you'll go much further instead of trolling through 'pissed consumer' websites.

Honestly, get a life!


As a presenter, there is not a website just for us. Yes emails do go out weekly but they are more of a newletter, they don't tell you what goals to make or what to do everyday.

They tell you about new products, bundles, changes. New countries that are selling Younique and sometimes highlight sales preformers. Any of the conference calls are available on Youtube and Periscope, nothing is top secret or private. Now don't assume I'm 100% for the company and their products.

You make your own goals and schedule. Now there are some presenters that live, breathe and die Younique, and that's their choice.

There are also some I have seen go outside of company guidelines to make sales and promote to other levels. I am sure if you acted interested in becoming a presenter you could get all the information you needed.


Yup I have a law suit against them


In what state and city?


Have you started the lawsuit?

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