I was a Younique presenter for over a year and I had the worst experience with the upline leaders. These people don't follow Younique's mission: uplift, validate and empower.

Black status leader thinks they are the boss of everyone and they think they know it all. Sponsor didn't train or encourage either me or my team.

Worst direct sells company ever, i wish i never joined this company.

Don't fall into the trap. These people will be nice to you if it benefits them and their wallet because once they hit the leader status, they become greedy and selfish and forget they work with people (human beings). Corporate doesn't care if you leave the company, to them you are just a number.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

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I totally agree with you.

Was with the company from September 2015 to May 2016.

When I decided to leave the girls were very nasty. Not uplifting at all.


Well said!!! I know exactly what you mean.

The one girl in charge of us isn't even a black presenter yet she has all the answers. For as many years as she has been selling and has all the answers you would think she was higher than what she is.

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