Terrible experience! I bought the younique liquid to power foundation from a local representative.

I was hesitant because of the colour match thing but she assured me that she had been trained in colour matching and that the foundations always looked lighter on then they do on a PC screen. I trusted her and ordered velour from her (at her suggestion). She refused to meet me personally to exchange the foundation so instead I had to pick up the foundation from her husband at work. He didn't even bring the foundation out to me himself, he got a coworker to bring it so I had no chance to return it when I saw that it was too dark (the building was a cargo building so you needed a pass to enter).

The colour is all wrong! Way too yellow and too dark for my skin tone, I've worn it twice but it's pointless because I have to put so much powdered foundation on overtop to cover the fact that it's the wrong colour for my face! Colour aside (and maybe this has something to do with the wrong match so I would be willing to try another colour if they would exchange it), the foundation also hardly covers anything on my face. I have two small blemishes which my coverup (drugstore brand) alone covers but the foundation which is supposed to cover sharpie on your face fails to cover and actually makes look worse!

My final complaint is that because I bought from a rep instead of ordering independently online I am no longer eligible for a return or exchange because I do not have an order number.

My rep has gone MIA so I'm essentially out almost $50CAD ! NOT IMPRESSED !

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Touch Mineral Foundation.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Have you contacted customer service and told them what your presenter did to you? They should exchange it over give you your money back.

This is ridiculous. I am sorry this happened to you.


My thing is this my rep loved me when I purchased items and gave payment over then I didn't get some products and then the items I received were not the correct ones I specifically purchased. Then I was told I was being a picky spoiled *** (verbally and handwritten note that she was hurt because I am not going to invest in her company and then lights mortgage need to be paid and my kids don't have anything to eat because you don't want to reorder and pay and wait for the other.

I don't know if I have had the pleasure of having such a experience . Told me I have to another out of my pocket purchase to assure I will get item and not be consider back order stock I can't I have thyroid cancer and I am having to pay copays and deductibles etc.

I have been playing dog and pony show for 7-9 weeks and it's really said I'm ex military and family to include husband on city and star boards I am always going to some kind on ladies luncheon. I wanted to be a rep but not now I'm out a lot of money and told I am not just a *** but I am the reason her kids are hungry.


I'm a Younique presenter. I will personally make correct for you.

My email is traceycordie@gmail.com. my website is lashloveyounique.com

Let me know what she sent you. If you can send me a clear picture of you. I will color matching you.

Send you the correct product.

No charge.


Don't give up on Younique over one bad egg. If you contact another presenter they will go out of their way to get you the right product.

I don't know where you live to suggest a presenter. Theread are charts that help with color decisions and also samples a presenter could send to you.


You should be able to report them on the younique site on Facebook if you have their name and info.

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