I bought both the foundation and 3D mascara. The foundation was a Christmas present for my daughter who has acne and really wanted something to cover her skin.

Both of us are really unhappy with the product as it most definitely did not cover as shown in all the sales videos. The mascara was for me, and again disappointment. I had the same results with a few coats of other mascaras. I had little bits coming off on my face and into my eyes making them sore.

So in my opinion both not what we expected. JML do a better mineral powder for £9.99

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Mascara.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

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I would love to know the trickery to coverup those tattoos...this foundation is so sheer its like putting thick water on your skin. To send it back you have to pay the shipping (not a great way to stand behind your product..smh)..

the person who sold me youniques awful product looses the commission, bonus and points for the reward level if you send it back. I feel so sorry for the people selling this.

I will not send it back, I don't want to pay for shipping when I already paid for it once and I do not want my niece to loose any of her commission and credits. I have tossed the foundation and the concealer out no need to take up space in my makeup bag.


Younique foundation is the worst!! Applied it WITH a primer, exactly how I've seen the sales people do it in the videos.

I had to apply it 4 times before it looked like I was wearing makeup!

My walmart foundation works better and is $30 cheaper!!! Such a rip off!!



If you want to help clear up acne and other skin problems please feel free to contact me - all our products are clinically proven so you know they are the real deal.

Im sorry to hear you have had a tough time with younique - they are awful, I was a rep a few years back and we got told to do whatever we could to get a sale...

I lasted 2 days with them. So so bad xx


Firstly did you use primer before applying foundation? Was this the correct shade to go against your under tones??

Did you not consider concealer for the more affected areas of spots?

How did you also apply the foundation??

With regards to 3D mascara your meant to seal with the gel after the last coat of the fibres. Are you doing them too close to the base of your lashes? if so this will case the eyes to become sore.

there is a 14 day money back and can also go back as far as 90.

Did you not go back to your seller? And if this was such a bad product why complain now after so long after Christmas?


Consumers are allowed to post how they feel. Maybe they didn't feel comfortable speaking to anybody else.

Most foundations that I use no primer is needed. I use IMAN and Mac without primer for the face.

No where does it say on the site to use primer first. I wasn't this customer, but just happened to stumble upon this review.


To cover acne or dark pigment it is best to color correct, either with a red lipliner or concealer. To avoid dryness which may have made the acne marks stand out, it is best to prime the skin to fill in and smooth the skin.

MAC and other high end cosmetics recommend to moisturize or prime the skin as well. This is make-up 101


Way to deflect, lol. The eyes become irritated because these are tiny fibers that inevitably flake off and end up on your eyeballs.

There are high end brands selling similar fibers, they all work the same. My theory has always been that if it works so well, Sephora will sell it.

I suggest not being so condescending to dissatisfied customers. We know how to apply cosmetics.


It's foundation. If you HAVE to use a primer for this foundation to work then it's ***.

It blows my mind on the pricing of these products.

You can go to Sephora and get high end products that actually work and last for the same cost, and don't have to worry about always having to contact the seller to exchange or get a refund. Those are all really bad excuses you're giving.


I agree. It sucks really bad.

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