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So I am (was?) a Younique rep. I paid 115..00 for the starter kit I was told would only cost me 99.

I was shoved in to a party made for me where the (actually otherwise very nice lady who is my direct upline) sponsor had me add literally all 1400 of my facebook friends, this took 3 parties at once as you can, I found out, only add 500 people to one party page. For a week, they begged, pleaded, prodded, offered give aways and trivia games. 1400+ people, 5 people bought something. No one returned anything (althrough they do have one of the better return policies I've seen) the pay scale for reps is better than MaryKay or Avon, but holy mother of god.

My "party" paid for my kit in the end, because my sponsor bought the difference in what I was lacking in my sales % to cover the cost when the 99.00 kit became 115 and I was ready to back out. I have sold Aloette (are they still around, I liked their products and had good results with it) and Avon and in both cases got to 'fill' my starter kit to some extent based around what I was pretty sure I could sell and I got a decent sized kit. (The Avon one came in a rolling steel cart with a handle. I took that thing everywhere and with no hassle) Yes, I had to pay back the cost of my kit, but at least it had samples and fulls size products in it.

I didn't make a fortune on Avon, but I did make back my start up costs plus about 3k in profit. I stopped selling it because now everyone and their pet does. I made amzing money with Aloette as I did skin care classes and how to classes for a small entry fee and normally sold on hand product to people there plus orders. I moved and lost my customer base (this was before everyone had a store page online) and for 3 years I made my own brand of mineral cosmetics and did well with it.

I figured Younque would be a way to make enough to start that up again, then walk away from the MLM bs. No. To get my "99.00 kit" I had to sell 500.00 worth of product as my total sales didn't count just my % as a new rep. I got a box just a bit bigger than my purse (it's pretty though, I'll give it that) containing products I had no say so in.

The mascara (of course) The play-doh eyeshadow pot in a silvery white, some eye make up removal wipes (these I love) lip gloss samples ad lip stain samples (I also love these) an eyeshadow pallet. one of the three they have in dark browns and neutrals, which I never really use. 2 eyeshadow brushes of decent quality, and taking up most of the space in there was a tube in a box of self tanner. Now I'm a goth chick, even at 44.

I also have Lupus and I cannot go out in the sunlight for long with out it hurting me and I am ok with pale. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS? I even asked my 'coach' who said "demo it (no, not on my skin) or just sell it as is. It's been months.

After my 'introduction party I've made no sales and am now 'inactive' as a rep until I hit a set number goal (I'm 17.00 away from it, I'm sure I could ask my friends and someone would buy enough to hit it but I refuse to do so. I refuse to market it, I refuse to spam it, I refuse to rep it. I used my 'hostess credit' and left over commision to get the foundation and the foundation brush. I've used it twice, it's not bad but my drug store loreal color match with my own home made loose powder is better.

I know that when this hits my facebook, it will upset the Younique people I know. I'm sorry, probably really nice and just as desperate as I am for an income from home ladies, but either this is a *** product, with *** support and training, or I'm really bad at sales. They pay you by a company issued paycheck card (I think it's a MC that you can reload yourself too) and you don't get yours sent to you until you earn 200? 250?

(I'd have to go look) in not total sales, but 10% commission sales. So they are sitting on 57.00 of mine that I can't get from them. They encourage me to 'restock' restock what? One item?

Because they cost as much as Estee Lauder and other high end brands, so my 57.00 isn't going to get me much, but won't send me the card so I can just have the damned cash. They are Canadian based I think or their shipping warehouse is as that's what bumped up my start cost. I feel like I was pressured, then used and taken advantage of, and sadly I feel like the girls who are reps for the product that signed me up don't realize that's what their doing. Guilt sales rarely work.

I'll keep my kit, I'll use what I like in it, give away the rest, make a playdoh snowman out of the eyeshadow and remember not to do this again. *** I could have taken a job as a telephone "voice actor" at least I don't have to try to bully my friends and family in to calling and it pays better from what I'm told. I love the ladies I met doing this. I have a friend who's Sister in Law apparently makes a ton selling it, has hit the highest rank/pay rate you can and stayed there, I wonder how she's doing it as that millions in sales each month to hold on to.

I hate the MLM method and with rare exceptions, I dislike the product. For anyone talked in to this, I'm sorry.

This person wrote the review because of "i don't know where to start" of younique moodstruck fiber lash mascara from Younique. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $189 and wants Younique to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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if you're into skin care i would definitely suggest looking into limelight.

Racine, Wisconsin, United States #1265877

It's $50 minimum to get paid on the card. Also commission is 20percent starting and then it goes up after that.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #1249386

It's $50 earned in commision to get your card. You need to read the instructions when you sign up to register and it is sent right to you.

Its 20% commission to start and goes up from there. Younique is based in Utah, not Canada. Yes, you are a negative sales person and that is why you failed.

Educate yourself before you jump into something...no one just gets rich without putting in the effort. My 2 cents.

Nairn, Highland, United Kingdom #1247984

hey thank you for your very honest review. I have a family member who is a white presenter or something.

She is driving everyone nuts trying to persuade them to buy. Not physically persuading, but Facebook persuading. Her timeline used to be interesting, funny and full of lovely family photos. Now it is just one big flaming advert.

I hate it. I hate what MLM does to people. It may not be pyramid sales, but it sure as heck could be a big runner up. At the end of the day, the product is make up.

Very expensive make up at that. Skin products too. I know ladies love to look beautiful, but seriously, as a young male (35yrs old) I would far sooner see natural beauty. After all, beauty comes from within, not from eyebrows that look like they have been painted on with a permanent marker (not just Younique I hasten to add, doing that!), lipstick that is stain proof.

So how do you get it off? if it doesnt transfer onto anything, how the heck do you remove it. Oh, and I have never yet received an honest answer as to whether Younique products have micro plastic beads in them. Cruelty free?

Maybe now, but some of the older products were not. There is a lot of information on line about micro plastics and cruelty free beauty products, check them out. So, from me, to the person who posted the review. You hang in there.

I am certain you are beautiful within and anyone who doesn't accept your very heartfelt apology at the end of your comment, well you dont need them in your life. Live for the NOW enjoy life. Drink lots of fresh water, get exercise if you can and not too much sunshine. Be happy.

To those who love YOunique products, good for you, but please please stop pestering your family and friends to buy. WE dont all have bottomless pockets.

I would sooner my Mum heat her house in the winter than clart her face with make up. Bye for now.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1242758

whomever your upline is wasn't doing it right. Stop blaming the company!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1242757

$99 plus tax, shipping and handling is normal. Like really?

Compton, California, United States #1239679

Hi, I just started with Younique and am interested in purchasing what you don't want? Please pm me on Facebook. Thank you for your honesty in kind words.

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