I spent over 30 minutes with customer service to resolve a service defect with the 3D lashes. My gel bottle was completely empty upon arrival.

( not sure if it evaporated or what) They have sense reformulated the product they said to provide a better gel however to receive that I would need to pay taxes and shipping. Otherwise I would be sent the same item of which they can't assure me won't be another empty bottle. I fully expect to see one of those letters where a year from now a lawsuit is offering me monies as part of a law suit. Customer experience to exchange the product is painful.

The rep told me to send photos and to do whatever I needed to do to prove gel was not in the bottle getting a flashlight if I needed he said. Then they would send instructions on how to find the lot number. Then I need to go online to create an account.

You really need to jump through hoops to get an exchange of the product of which if you don't give them more money will likely be the same defective product. Refunds are not an option unless you know the name of your consultant which I did not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Moodstruck 3d Fiber Lashes Plus Mascara.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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This happened to me, but it was the fibers tube that was empty. It wasn't hard to get a new one.

I emailed customer service, they responded the same day, I sent a picture showing how the bottle was empty, and they immediately sent me a new one which I received about 4 days later. Never asked me to send back the empty tube or gel that I already had.


I am very sorry that happened. I am guessing you purchased cash and carry from an event?

If you contact me, I will be happy to try to help you resolve the problem. Our support is usually extremely helpful...and as presenters, we usually always give our cards with purchases in case customers need help.

Please....contact me and I will resolve this for you. I know that there were cases of dried up gel in the old formula and the new formula is so much better.


With any brand of makeup or any other products that have multiple lines... there will be some products you don't like, then some that you'll love.

I do think some items on Younique is a little over priced - in the end- they have good products that are amazing... and worth the money.

I am a presenter "New One" I have decided to push products that I believe in and only push a product that the customer chooses. I joined Younique for their face line.

For moisturizing. Also the B.B. Cream.

Although I don't personally care for the 3D mascara...

I have about 10 customers right now that love it.

It's a preference of personal choice. Doesn't mean the complanu is a bad one.

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