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I received this product exactly 1 month ago. I love the coverage of the foundation however the bottle is now empty. I only used 2 drops per day and a bottle which I was told would last about 4 months was all gone within 1 month. $60 a month for foundation is way too much money.

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The mascara is terrible, it dried up after using it four times. The liquid foundation does not give the coverage they show in the videos, maybe they are using a lot of the product for that coverage? I've been wearing makeup for years and I know how to apply it well. I don't use drugstore makeup, not that there is anything wrong with it, but it isn't for me. I get better coverage from my Urban Decay or Estee Lauder foundations than I do from... Read more

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1st and Foremost, I would love to meet these people that give Younique a bad rap about the touch mineral foundation and the 3D mascara. Do you not know how to ask the person you bought the makeup from to maybe give you a tutorial or for the 3D lash fibers, did you not know you're supposed to blow them off gently before application? I didn't know all this either, but if you look at the stats Younique is killing MAC right now. In closing, this... Read more

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I bought the liquid mineral foundation in the most wanted set. I couldn't wait to try it after seeing all the videos on Facebook . It is the worst foundation ever . Covers f+;$ all . But yet advertised to cover tattoos. Doesn't cover anything I break out once in awhile and it couldn't even cover my small blemish . The 3d lashes I thought work well looked amazing but then a day later when I used it the masacra is irritating my eyes and I had to... Read more

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I purchased the Moonstruck eyebrow pencil and gel. I used the 2 products less than 10 times and the pencil is either empty or broke off inside and won't turn down. I contacted the person I bought from and she contacted her friend who is the Rep. The Rep advised me they wouldn't refund me because it was pass the two weeks, when in fact it was exactly 2 weeks to the day that I first made contact. I then emailed the Customer Support directly and... Read more

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So annoyed. I tried their brand new formulation of the 3D mascara (I really liked the original but hated the second reformularion.) Well this new stuff is better, but still not as good as the original. Anyway, this new mascara irritated my eyes. My eyes aren't particularly sensitive, but something in this new formula isn't agreeing with them. I contact customer support to make a return. This is literally 2 days after I received the product. And... Read more

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Can't believe this makeup is so expensive when the quality is ***. Received the "magic" foundation as a gift for Christmas and it's horrible. Tried it with the primer just like all the videos and the coverage was nothing like what it was hyped up to be. Unfortunately since it was ordered before Christmas I just go it it can't be returned to bc of the time line. Please don't buy this junk save yourself time and money and go get color matches at... Read more

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First, the foundation is a medium coverage. Sometimes you need a pressed powder or even the mineral concealer over your problem areas. Second & most importantly everything you complained about sounds like technique problems. Did you use a damp beauty blender to smooth out the foundation? It also sounds to me like you don't have the right technique to apply the eye shadows. I wish people wouldn't write negative reviews just because they don't... Read more

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Terrible experience! I bought the younique liquid to power foundation from a local representative. I was hesitant because of the colour match thing but she assured me that she had been trained in colour matching and that the foundations always looked lighter on then they do on a PC screen. I trusted her and ordered velour from her (at her suggestion). She refused to meet me personally to exchange the foundation so instead I had to pick up the... Read more

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Rec'd defective 3D Fiberlashes. They sent a replacement. It is defective also. I requested refund after 2nd defect, or, asked that they ship new & improved. They won't ship new, and, if I get refund, I am responsible for shipping charge! BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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