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I am a Younique presenter, at least I think that I am still a presenter. I was invited to a facebook "event" back in April. I saw the videos and thought that maybe it would help me feel better with my aging face, etc. My first few purchases were fantastic. I loved the mascara, except that it takes too long to get ready for anything after you put all the stuff on that they want you to use. So, I thought, I can get the kit and save money on this... Read more

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They have a dumb exchange policy and if you had a party and you exchange something, you have to return the item and do NOT receive your party rewards even though you are buying someone in it's place that cost more. They also simply said "That is our policy, sorry you feel that way. Have a wonderful day." Sloughing off any issues and not even pretending to bring the issue up to a higher up. The item I received was the face primer that is... Read more

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  • Oct 12
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Covers about as well as something purchased at the local dollar store. This is probably why there is no option to purchase in-store (inconvenient to return and not fully refunded d/t shipping charges to receive and again to return). I cannot believe this company is still in business.

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Due to the absolute heinous remarks made my Jordan Philbeck and Kelly Owens on a LIVE Facebook video I am leaving Younique! I will never recommend Younique to any of my friends. I have never, even in High School, seen such a grotesque display of bullying, belittlement and defamation of character to a person. It is a disgrace these women represent Younique. Younique's mission statements reads, "Younique's mission is to uplift, empower, validate,... Read more

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So I thought I would purchase the kit $129 + postage. Ok sounds good, in reality the kit is rubbish. I thought imagine being a young mum thinking I will buy the kit and try and supplement our income, the kit is rubbish sample sized lip stuff and the colours...... Rubbish! The skin care products all 5 of them again sample size, what a joke. Then you receive some tanning lotion, some face wipes (may as well buy baby wipes, they work better... Read more

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I purchased 2liquid foundations 4myself, one 4my dauhter.we r both the same shade, scarlet. I hav used mine, no more than 3times, my daugh.uses hers daily. After 3 times, my bottle is empty, hers still going strong! Its hard 2 c amt remainig, as the bottle appears coated. I wonder if I purchased a half empty bottle, or if it was used as a sample demo.either way I am not pleased with the contents, as I do like the product...or lack of.... Read more

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Younique changed to a totally different, new mascara since theirs was just ordered from China and had other competition from others buying and reselling the same stuff from China too. The new stuff is actually their own formula, but it is defective. It dries up extremely quickly, sometimes after only 3-7 uses. The company knows this and has been trying to tweak it/fix it for over 1 year without success. Yet they are STILL selling it!!! It needs... Read more

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I love the mascara when I first started using it but now the new style is very fluffy, there is way to much on both brushes but that is due to the design of the new brush and cylinder . I know this as I tested the old brush in the new cylinder. Results were a thousand times better. I also find that the gel is different from the original formula I was using over a year ago. It would be awesome if younique reversed the new back to the old. Read more

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  • Oct 01
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One of my family members became a representative and I mention a couple other brands I liked .. She wouldn't even rebute why this product was better .. She deleted my comment .. I wouldn't trust this product!!!!

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As of this month, I'm officially an ex-presenter. I joined the company in 2014, basically to get the starter kit. Just $99, and back then the starter kit was amazing with all full-size products. Well, back in 2014 the original 3D mascara was also amazing. I've got a wonderful full-time job that I love, and really only intended to join Younique for the discount. But my friends LOVED the mascara. They bought and bought, and told their friends who... Read more

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