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These products are ***, plain and simple. I got sucked in a few years ago when the company was relatively new. The mascara irritated my eyes so badly I ended up having to go to the doctor because the fibers scratched my eyeball :(. I gave it another chance when the newer products came out--the foundation is nothing but oil and pigment, and has zero coverage. The recommended brush to go with it fell apart on the first use, and the lip products... Read more

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Bought the $20 liquid eyeliner. It does not go on smoothly and requires multiple reapplying, and It smudges easily. Your better off buying $3 eyeliner from Walgreens.

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I was tired of spending $ on a different foundation every month, only to not be happy with it. I am 43 but still have oily skin (tzone). I hate foundation that feels heavy or "mask-like". I met a lady that sells it and she told me that there is a money-back guarantee. So, I bought a bottle of the foundation and a tube of concealer. I REALLY like feels barely there and easy to blend. I always use a primer, and some translucent powder... Read more

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I recently purchased another 2 sets of 3D lashes after having used them for a couple of years prior- the 'new and improved" formula is frankly ***- the fibres in particular are difficult to use and no matter what you do they clump, end up in your eye or on the floor. As I said I've been using these products for some time, so I know what I'm doing. The gel is dryer and dosent hold the fibres as well and you don't get any where near as many... Read more

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After seeing all the videos of younique's liquid foundation I thought it looked amazing and I needed to try it. When it arrived I tried to apply it in several different ways using a sponge, brush, hand etc and they all had the same failed outcome. As mentioned in some of the reviews below it gives you far from full coverage! I've seen plenty of videos where presenters have used it to cover tattoos to emphasise how well it covers them.... Read more

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The product is ok but it doesnt cover freckles and red dots on my nose. I actuallybhad to apply mac nc35 which is thicker than younique butbit does cover the red dots the freckles not so much. I bought also the black eye liner that doesnt smudge giving you racoon eyes but it doesnt work as advertised, it still blurs around the eyes specially with the oily foundation....i spent 65.00 and well i could still get my refund but i bought it from a... Read more

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I was super excited when I saw all the videos of woman having the same issues as me. Redness, acne scars and uneven skin tones. As soon as I shook the bottle I knew it wasn't going to work. It's extremely oily and I'm always touching it up throughout the day. I'm a hairstylist and when I'm done my day I expect my makeup to still be on my face. This product doesn't even come close to being a full coverage foundation. It was a total waste of money... Read more

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Ok so i was so excited about this foundation. apparently its supposed to cover up tattoos make our skin a flawless portrait...bull ***. This product is a big waste of money and does not even try to stay on the face with the brush recommended to use sponge or anything else ive tried. It does not give you a matte finish very oily looking and i had to constintly dab my face with tissues and re powder my face almost every hour because of how bad it... Read more

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Spent $100 on the products. The mascara and eyeliner irritates my eyes. Told rep and she did nothing. She tried the foundation on me and I didn't like it at all ( didn't purchase). Eye shadow seems nice and the lip stain nice. Product is way over priced. Read more

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